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Making amends to existing customers

If you are an existing customer and continue to pay wastewater charges after 1 April 2020, you will automatically receive a reduction to your wastewater bills between 1 April 2020 and 31 March 2025.

How much you will get

Household bill payers that continue to pay wastewater charges after 1 April 2020 will receive a reduction to their bills, linked to their usage levels. On average, this rebate will be approximately £14 in the first year.

After this, the bill reduction will depend upon your wastewater charges and how many former customers apply for and receive payments under the new scheme. It will also be subject to inflation. We anticipate the reduction will be, on average,approximately £9 a year until 2025.

We've provided three examples below to show how the rebate amounts vary based on your wastewater charges.

Household customer - wastewater charges 1Example 1Example 2Example 3
2019–20 £100 £200 £300
2020–21 (if there was no rebate) 2 £89 £178 £267
2021–21 (actual charge) 2 £84 £166 £248
2020–21 rebate £5 £12 £19
Equivalent free days of wastewater services 3 22 25 26

IMPORTANT: This table makes standard assumptions to estimate your bill reduction.

1 - The example charges are for wastewater only and do not include water. If you are a water and wastewater customer, the total shown on your bill will include both charges. Please refer to the wastewater section of your bill for your separate wastewater charges. Typically, this can be found on page two of your bill.
2 We've lowered our wastewater charges for 2020-21. The rebate will be provided in addition to this reduction. To show the difference, we've shown examples with and without the rebate applied.
3 - Based on an annual wastewater bill, the rebate is equivalent to approximately this many days’ free wastewater services.


Non-household customers

For non-household customers, the average rebate will be approximately £260. How much you receive will vary based on:

  • your wastewater charges during 2020 to 2025.
  • how many payments are made to former customers.
  • inflation.

Frequently asked questions

Follow the link to find out more about our plans to provide greater transparency on our environmental performance.

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